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Replacing an existing TFS user workspace

I recently ran into a situation where I had “inherited” a laptop from a previous developer on a project. This laptop was on the customer’s domain, and had been configured for source control using Team Foundation Services.

A problem arose after logging in using my own credentials, and attempting to map the TFS root (“$/”) to the standard local source root (“C:\TFS”). I was unable to proceed due to the following message:

“The working folder is already in use by the workspace XXXXXXX;”

(^^^ where details have been hidden to protect the innocent)

Visual Studio did not provide any mechanism for deleting this existing workspace mapping, however I found a solution by dropping to the command line:

tf workspace /delete /server:OURTFSSERVER\DefaultCollection XXXXXXX;

After a confirmation warning that the deleted workspace cannot be recovered, I was able to map my own workspace to the standardised root.


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