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Reconfiguring the WCF and Web Service Publishing Wizards

BizTalk comes with a couple of tools for automating and simplifying the publication of Web-Service and WCF based services.

The problem with both these tools is that once the service has been published, there’s no easy way to make changes to the service definition without re-configuring all the properties of the Service, a time-consuming and manual procedure.

Fortunately, there is a way to initialise the wizards with the contents of a previously saved set of Service configuration file. These configuration files are conveniently created by the Wizard just before you publish the definition, and are saved into a “temp” directory under your Web/Wcf Service application root directory.

For the Web Services Publishing Wizard, the command line syntax is:

 BTSWebSvcWiz.exe config="C:\Path\To\WebService\temp\WebServiceDescription.xml"

For the WCF Services Publishing Wizard, the syntax is:

 BtsWcfServicesPublishingWizard.exe -wcfServiceDescription="C:\Path\To\WcfService\temp\WcfServiceDescription.xml"

Both of these tools can be found in the BizTalk installation directory, such as “C:\Program File(x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\”


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