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Essential plugins for Notepad++

I really, really like Notepad++ as a drop-in replacement for the standard Windows Notepad.

It’s fast, light-weight, can open just about any file format, regardless of encoding or byte-order marks. And best of all, it’s free!

There are a couple of plug-ins that I consider almost essential when developing, especially when working with Xml and Xslt files:

  • XPatherizerNPP – Supports ad-hoc testing of xpath queries against your current document.  Also provides standardised reformatting of an Xml file for readability
  • XML Tools – A host of simple tools, including reformatting, validation against schemas, escaping/un-escaping xml to HTML encoding
  • Regex Helper – Useful for testing out Regular Expressions.  Yes, I know, now I have 2 problems, but when used, and documented, well, a single RegEx can save a lot of coding effort

Notepad++ plug-ins are now fully integrated into the application itself, and these 3 can be installed simply by selecting the master “Plugin Manager” plugin from the drop-down menu.  It’s usually the first thing I do when setting up a new development environment.


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