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Unexpected use of keyword: ‘task’

I am currently using BizTalk 2010 as the integration hub between a number of systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The XLANG/s Orchestration compiler will complain with the following:

Unexpected use of keyword: ‘task’

One of the core entities in CRM is the ‘Task’, a sub-type of an Activity in the Sales process. However, we run into a problem in BizTalk when working with the schemas generated out of CRM, as ‘Task’ is also a reserved word in XLANG/s.

My solution was to create a ‘taskInternal’ schema alongside the generated ‘task’ schema. I set the Data Structure Type of taskInternal to the complex type ‘task’, to avoid redundant data types. Now we can build and compile our Orchestration just fine, as ‘taskInternal’ is not a reserved word.

Finally, we need a pair of very simple maps, from taskInternal->task and from task->taskInternal. These are applied on our physical Send Port, in the Outbound Maps and Inbound Maps sections respectively. Without this Inbound/Outbound mapping, we are not sending the correct Xml message types to/from CRM.

Note, there are another couple of reserved words that you might want to take a similar approach with, for example, ‘operator’ and ‘request’ are both reserved in XLANG/s.

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